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Residential Air Conditioning in Lilburn

Cohran Mechanical Services LLC was founded on the concept of providing Lilburn residents with trustworthy, quality air conditioning services. From air conditioning installation, to maintenance and repair, we make available the best brands, and keep them operating exactly the way they should.

Being able to take control of your home’s climate year-round is something many take for granted—until their systems stop working. Rely on Cohran Mechanical Services LLC to ensure your air conditioning units are never out of commission long.

If you need more information on installations or repairs, give us a call or send us an email today!

Services to Suit Your Needs

As a smaller company operating out of a niche market, we pride ourselves on being able to offer all of our clients the personalized experience they deserve.

Where larger chains practice an in-and-out work style, we take the time to hear your needs and design customized systems that will serve you best over time.

Professional Installation

Our HVAC technicians can work with any air conditioning system you prefer. And, if you’re uncertain of the best system for your home, we will assess your home and make an affordable and efficient recommendation.

Room Air Conditioning

Single room air conditioners take the air from outside, and use it to cool a room in your home. Ideal for smaller homes and apartments, you can either purchase a portable unit with a tube connecting it to your window, or a window unit.

Many Lilburn homeowners install these units on their own, but if you’re looking to find the best unit and have a risk-free installation, call Cohran Mechanical Services LLC to give you a hand!

Central Air Conditioning

Central air conditioners as well as heat pumps, work to cool the entire home. Or, in the case of heat pumps, they can both heat and cool. These systems have outdoor compressors that circulate refrigerant and blow the air back into your home to keep it cool.

Central air conditioner installation can be done with or without ductwork, meaning that it is a great option for new or older homes. In the case of older homes without the right ductwork, we will install the pipes in a similar way to your gutter and downspout!

Our Work Doesn’t End After Installation

At Cohran Mechanical Services LLC, our job isn’t done when the installation is. We offer extended warranties as well as after care service. When it comes to residential air conditioning, we want you to feel comfortable that if you ever need air conditioner maintenance you can count on the same knowledgeable team who did your original installation to come back and provide diagnoses and repairs.

Cool Off Today

Whether you already own air conditioning units that need maintenance and repairs, or you’re looking for new air conditioning installation, Cohran Mechanical Services LLC is on the job!

Located in Lilburn, we’ve been providing homeowners with air conditioner maintenance, repairs, and installation for a number of years. Our air conditioning services stand out from the rest due to our personalized approach and extensive knowledge of the field.

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